Coffee Shop

“I can’t deal with your shit anymore! You don’t respect me; you ridicule me in front of my friends. You tell me my dog doesn’t deserve to live in a house as big as mine! I don’t want to live like this!”

And with that, she turned and was gone from his life forever.

Eric sat at the small table at Starbucks, stunned. He sat starring down at the table, unwilling to watch her walk away. Well, she was fucking crazy after all.

Slowly, the other patrons went back to their own conversations and the noise level returned to normal. They graciously pretended to forget what they had just witnessed.

He sighed. It was too bad, really. He had been so sure this was the correct place and time. Oh, well. Time to move on and continue his search.

He snapped his fingers and vanished. One patron who had been staring at him, blinked, looked confused for a moment then shook her head and went back to her coffee unsure why she felt as if she had just forgotten something.

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