Ghosts in the Church Yard


She paused and looked around.

“Hello” she called back hesitantly.

Cecilia glanced around the yard she was standing in. She had just stopped by the church on her lunch break to check in with the pastor quickly about a few things pertaining to the upcoming ladies auxiliary luncheon that she was chairing.

It was such a nice day; she thought she’d have her lunch outside in the well kept yard behind the church. She walked through the greenness and sat down on a stone bench. She had just been preparing to pull out the novel she was currently reading when she heard the voice.

The voice was distinctively male. She glanced around again in confusion. There was no one else here and she had watched Pastor Evans leave the church, heading home to have lunch with his wife.

Suddenly there was a shift in the atmosphere around her. There was a loud buzzing noise and the world in front of her slid away as a new one popped into place.

She was now sitting in a lush and massive rose garden. The neatly trimmed hedges and multicolored flowers that had surrounded her were gone, replaced with a sea of blood red, gorgeous rose bushes.

“Who’s there?” A woman’s voice inquired.

Before Cecilia could respond, a young man stepped out from behind a tree. He was tall with light brown hair, a smile lit up his face. He was holding a cap in his hands and Cecilia was sure that the clothing he was wearing was some sort of military uniform.

There was a gasp of joy from the other side of her and Cecilia watched as a young woman in a hoop skirt ran swiftly, closed the gap between her and the young man and threw herself into his arms. He picked her up and swung her around happily, then sat her firmly on the ground and kissed her.

Then, just like that, Cecilia was back in the church yard again, alone. She stood up quickly, her lunch tumbling to the ground. Looking around wildly now, she quickly explored the entire yard.

She cleaned up the debris of her lunch, tucked her book away in her purse and gathered up her things to leave. She knew she would be taking the rest of day off work and heading straight to the library to do some research on the history of the church property. She had to find out why this was happening to her….again. What did these ghosts want?

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