Is Barron Trump a Victim?

There has been a lot of talk about what Kathy Griffin did. The criticism I’ve heard most is that this has somehow hurt Barron. Maybe. Barron Trump hasn’t been hurt any more, or any less, than Obama’s daughters were. But to say that Barron is the only victim of a Trump presidency turns a blind eye to a lot. Barron will be OK. He’ll grow up and attend the best schools, he’ll have doors opened for him just for being a Trump. His future is assured. My daughters is not. Trump has systematically destroyed protections put in place to keep schools and employers from discriminating against people like my daughter. The republican party in general has made it their mission to do everything in their power to make the lives of LGBT people as difficult as possible. The republicans obsession with pushing through a more expensive plan that will leave millions without insurance, hurts people. Removing protections from vulnerable groups hurts people, allowing bullying and discrimination hurts people. Barron Trump will always have the best healthcare money can buy, but Trump’s plan would leave my son without access to any at all. Barron Trump will have the best education money can buy while Betsy Devos guarantees that schools can refuse to educate my daughter. So no, Barron is not the only victim of this presidency. Not by a long shot.

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