Who Am I?

Let me just start tonight’s post by saying AAARRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHh! Life is hard ya’ll!

I have been struggling to re-brand my blog and once I got everything switched over, immediately start wondering if I did the right thing! Should I switch it back? Should I run two separate blogs? What should I do???

Sigh. I’m a mess. Let me explain.

So, I started this blog a few years ago as kidsrpeople.org. The focus was children, obviously. As an eighteen year veteran child development professional and a mother of six children, I have a bit of experience there. I’m passionate about things like attachment parenting, children’s rights, homeschooling etc. So this seemed like a natural focus.

Then I decided that I really wanted to highlight my writing. So I changed it all! My blog name, my Facebook page title, all of it! And started posting some of my stories. Which I think about two people read. I really love to write but now I’m questioning if that should be the full focus. I still post about parenting and child development and social issues. These may be two totally different audiences. Am I crazy for combing these things? Should I keep two separate blogs? I mean three, since I recently restructured my original one over at blogger, raisingwildthings. That one is focused on my kids unschooling journey specifically.

Am I really just trying to do too much? But here’s the thing, I always have six million different thoughts and ideas running through my head and I want to share them all! I am STILL passionate about children’s right and I’m still a child development professional. Still a mom. But I am ALSO a writer and a poet and many things besides that!

I may just step back, stop trying to DO anything for a moment and just write! Write whatever pops into my head, whatever is demanding attention at that moment.

Because right now, I can’t even pick a name! Ha! I thought I’d do the writing under my maiden name, for a variety of reasons. But now I’m questioning that as well!

Seriously ya’ll, the struggle is real!

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