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Three Weeks in Ramsford Part Two: Hot Yoga

Disclaimer: Characters represented here as well as the original story are owned by pixelberry.

This content has been written by Angela Harrison based on those characters/stories

For legal purposes, here is the official statement from Pixleberry about the production and sharing of fan fiction and fan art based on their original works: Our studio continues to respect and support fan works, such as fanart, fanfiction, and creative interpretations of our game characters and stories — as long as they’re created for fun and not used for commercial purposes. In fact, you’d be surprised by how much fanart makes its way to Team Pixelberry!May 16, 2018

Fandom: The Royal Romance/Royal Heir

Characters: Drake Walker, Liam Rhys, Riley Campbell

Two days later Drake found himself standing outside a yoga studio with Penelope and Kiara waiting on Maxwell.

“Where’s your yoga mat?” Kiara was asking him.


“Yoga mat, you use it for, you know, yoga.”

“Oh…I…uh…wasn’t aware….”

“It’s ok, you should be able to buy one here.”


He was seriously not looking forward to this. Why couldn’t Maxwell have recommend a movie, or a sushi restaurant? What in the name of holy hell was hot yoga anyway? Wasn’t regular yoga boring enough? He would be regretting it entirely, except that it was his only chance of finding out anything about Riley.

“Hey guys, you made it!” Maxwell threw his arms around each of them in turn.

“Do we have to- ah, ok.” Drake half halfheartedly patted him on the back in return.

“I’m so excited you’re here!”

“You know, we could go get ice cream or something, instead.”

“Cold feet huh buddy?”

“No, I mean, maybe yeah.”

“Come on, you’ll love it!”

He did not love it.

“Why is like a hundred degrees in here?”

“It’s hot yoga, silly!” Penelope giggled.

“Yeah, ok, that makes sense I guess….but why does it smell like that in here?”

“Body odor, people sweat a lot and it’s really humid in here, you get use to it.” Maxwell shrugged.


“Shhh,” Maxwell shook his head, “You have to be quiet now, the instructors here.”

An hour later Drake had a new found respect for practitioners of yoga.

“That was a workout!”


“I can’t believe you tried it!” Maxwell was practically crowing.

“I certainly enjoyed the view…I mean, the class!” Kiara blushed furiously.

“Maybe I’ll see you guys next week, if you decide to come back.” Maxwell lifted a hand to wave good bye.

“Wait!”Drake needed to get Maxwell alone so he could ask about Riley, “Why don’t you and I grab some lunch?”


“Yeah, we don’t spend enough time together.”

“I don’t know….I have a lot to do, Bertrand has me training Ri-”

“Oh come on!” Drake clapped him on the back, “it’s just one lunch, you have to eat and we haven’t seen each other in almost a week!”

Maxwell regarded seriously him for a moment. Just went Drake thought it was over, Maxwell broke out into a big smile, “Ok, yeah, sure, I have time for a quick lunch with my best buddy!”

Turning to the girls Maxwell asked, “Where do you want to eat?”

No, no, no, no, no! Drake looked at them in horror, “That would be great but, Penelope, didn’t I hear you say something about needed to check on something about your poodles?”

Her eyes widened, “Oh, yes! I have an appointment with an interior designer because Merlin needs a new bed and the one I want won’t match the current scheme in their room, so it needs a complete revamp!”

“Sure, that makes sense.” He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go, I don’t want to be late!” she grabbed Kiara by the arm and drug her away.

Kiara gazed longingly back as Penelope drug her away, “But-”

Drake relaxed and turned to Maxwell, “Come on, there’s a cafe down the street.”

Maxwell eyes him suspiciously.


“It’s almost like you were trying to get rid of them.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, just didn’t want Pen to miss out on…dog….decorating…stuff….”

“Uh huh.”

“Just come on!”

They got settled at the table and put in their order. Drake looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to them, then leaned across the table and lowered his voice, “How’s is she?”

“Huh? Who?”

“Campbell! Who do you think?” He hissed back.

Maxwell blinked at him a few times then a smile of understanding spread across his face, “Oh! You’re here for Liam!”

It was Drakes turn to blink. He had rare moment of being stunned into silence.

“Uh…yeah, Liam, right. I’m here for Liam.”

“Wow, you were really good! I didn’t suspect a thing!” He laughed, then suddenly narrowed his eyes, “Wait a minute….you didn’t care about hot yoga at all, did you?”

Drake sighed in exasperation, “Of course not! But I had to get you alone without seeming like I wanted to get you alone!”

“Oh yeah, smart!”


“So what?”

“So how is she??”

“Oh yeah. She’s fine.”

“Fine? That’s it?”

“I mean, she was devastated of course. Bertrand and I had to talk her into staying, she was about to get on that plane to New York.”

“I’ll bet, what choice did they give her?”

“None, there were guards there to make sure she got on the plane and everything. Bertrand had to yell at them.”

Drake smiled in spite of himself, “Bet that was fun to watch.”

“It was.”

“So she’s with you now? She’s safe?”

“Yes, she’s at our estate, in her room. Bertrand is making her learn everything there is to know about courtly life.”

“Of course he is.” Drake closed his eyes for a moment picturing her practicing dance steps, learning which fork is for what. He smiled at the thought of her doing something so mundane. For the first time in five days he felt the vise around his heart loosing a little. She was safe, she was with Bertrand and Maxwell, she was ok. Everything was going to be ok.

When he opened his eyes Maxwell was watching him. He sat up straight and replaced the smile with his signature scowl, “So what’s the plan?”

“The plan is to lay low for awhile, teach her how to survive, no, thrive at court, then return for the engagement tour.”

“She’s going on the engagement tour? Doesn’t that seem a little….cruel?” Jesus, what were they thinking? Making her follow Liam and Madeline around as Madeline flaunts their engagement.

“In order to clear her name, she has to be at court. Right now that means the engagement tour.”

Drake sighed, Maxwell was right, of course, but it still seemed cruel to him. Then again, cruel was what court was all about.

The waiter brought their food and Maxwell chatted about yoga and squids and other things that Drake wasn’t really listening to.

As they walked out of the restaurant Drake turned to Maxwell, “Could you please just tell her that we all miss her and are thinking about her?”

Maxwell clapped a hand on his shoulder, “Of course.”

Drake fidgeted nervously, “Could you give her this?” He thrust an envelope surreptitiously into Maxwell’s hands.

Maxwell glanced down at the envelope before stuffing it into his pocket, “You sure that’s safe?”

“As long as no one else sees it. Have her burn it after she reads it if you want.” Drake was shaking his head, “Oh and Maxwell, meet me back here tomorrow, at the movie theater down the street. And could you tell her……..” he trailed off, unable to meet Maxwell’s eyes. “Never mind. Just give her the letter, thanks.”

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and forced himself to walk away, in the opposite direction of the Beaumont estate, when all he really wanted to do was run straight to her.